Ahmed AbdelBasit was an Assistant Professor in physics at the University of Cairo where he was a. Basit is currently a high school physics teacher, a father, and a community activist. The closure of the public sphere in Egypt and political detainments en masse pushed him to leave the country. Soon thereafter, he was sentenced to death in absentia.


On April 5th, 2018 Basit was detained by ICE agents without receiving notice that his asylum seeking status was denied. If Basit is to be deported, he will face the death penalty by Egyptian authorities. His human rights activism received the support of institutions like Human Rights Watch and Human Rights First.


“AbdelBasit, who was expelled from Cairo University in 2015 for organizing peaceful protests against the military’s removal of former President Mohamed Morsy and human rights abuses by the security forces, and who lives abroad, told Human Rights Watch that he believed Ghazali had mentioned his name under torture because they knew each other from the university.”